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We are your bridge to culinary excellence. With passion for Spanish and Colombian Gourmet foods! Discover authentic flavors with us!

pescado lonja en santa pola

We specialize in supplying restaurants, hotels, catering and renowned supermarkets in the region. Our wide range of products includes seafood, green coffee, preserves, broths, rice and grains, all carefully selected to meet the most demanding standards of the gastronomic sector. Discover how we can add value to your business and take your gourmet dishes to the next level.

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We can be your partner in the distribution of quality gourmet food in United Arab Emirates


We implement sustainable practices at all stages of the supply chain. We promote responsible fishing and organic farming.

Fair Trade

We value transparency and equity in all our transactions, ensuring that farmers and fishermen are treated fairly.

Food quality and safety

We strictly comply with all applicable food safety standards and regulations, from ingredient selection to final packaging.

Social Responsibility

Through corporate social responsibility programs, we contribute to social, educational and environmental causes that seek to generate positive and sustainable change.

Customer focus

We meet the customer's needs and expectations with products adapted to their needs with a totally personalized attention.

Transparency and traceability

We work with robust traceability systems that allow us to track each product from its origin to its final destination, guaranteeing the authenticity, freshness and quality of our gourmet foods.

We can be your partner in the distribution of quality gourmet food in United Arab Emirates


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Canned food


Rice and Grains

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We offer high quality products, follow ethical principles and promote good practices in every aspect of our operation. Value sustainability, social responsibility and respect for the environment.